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Frequently Asked Questions

Russian Volume Extensions

Volume Lashes originated in Russia and Korea. Russian Volume was originally brought to the U.S. by a woman who owns a successful shop in NYC, whom I've had the pleasure to be trained and certified through in NYC.

What are Volume Lashes?

There are two types of lash extensions; classic and volume.  Classic lashes are when a single extension is applied to a single lash.  Volume lashes are when multiple extensions are applied to a single lash.  Even though there are more extensions applied in the volume technique, the extensions used are much lighter in weight than classic.  The results are fluffier, fuller lashes.  

American Volume by NovaLash

American Volume was created by NovaLash artist Sophia Navarro.  She created her own volume style and application technique.  I had the pleasure of being trained and certified by her personally in Las Vegas.

How long will my extensions last?

Application and product are extremely important, which is why I've invested thousands of dollars into my training.  The natural shed cycle of lashes is 30-90 days.  A lash extension will shed as the lash sheds. Including proper home care, you should only need a fill every 2-4 weeks depending on several factors including desired fullness.  Eventhough there will still be some extensions after week 4 due to the natural shed cycle it will require a longer fill an wil

What about my natural lashes?

With properly applied extensions, your natural lashes will not be harmed.  This is because the proper weight, length, and amount of adhesive will ensure the lash is not being weighted down.  Also Bethany is a perfectionist when it comes to lash separation.  Ensuring lashes are not stuck together, allowing them to grow healthy and naturally as they should.  Most clients lashes actually grow longer and thicker over time as a client.  

Can I get my extensions wet?

Yes, yes, yes, and YES!  Lashes need to be washed daily.  Also Bethany uses NovaLash adhesive which has been an game changer.  You do not have to wait to get your lashes wet!  Pool party after your lash appointment?  No problem make a splash and batt those lashes!  Also NovaLash is oil proof, so no need to change your beauty routine or products!

Lashes as Unique as You!

Volume is perfect for light, thin, short lashes.


Volume is lighter than classic lashes and can fill gaps in natural lashes.  These are especially great options as we age, since lashes become less voluminous.

Custom Fit to Your Personal Style


One size does NOT fit all!  With every client I really listen and determine what style they are looking for and match that to their natural lashes, to maintain healthy lashes.  



This client loves long, full, dramatic lashes!  Not only are length and fullness customizable, but also style.  Everything from the cat eye to the doll eye shape, to help accentuate your unique beauty.



Curl is also customizable!  Whether you prefer a more relaxed curl or a dramatic curl like on this beautiful client here, Phoenix Lash has you covered!

Maintain Healthy Natural Lashes


This is one of my regular clients before a fill.  As you can see she still has long full natural lashes.  Lash extensions DO NOT damage natural lashes.  Technicians who do not know what they are doing do.

Side note: this is a fill after 6 weeks.  She still has extensions remaining, but fills need to be done every 3-4 weeks.

Knowledge and experience


Volume set done by Bethany on a new client.  This client explained that she had been told by some lash tech's that her lashes were too short and thin for volume.  I had to explain this was not true!  She was just dealing with inexperienced or improperly trained lash techs.  There's a big difference with a real lash artist and the proof is in the fluff!



Due to the fact that yelp randomly hides reviews, here are several of my reviews.





Lash Education



A client recently came in with this work done on her from another shop.  Her lashes were severely damaged due to their negligence.  



Lashes were glued together in clumps.  Extensions were just glued to anything they would stick to.   



This was in the removal process.  When I removed some of the extensions, I was able to see the problem was bigger than I thought.  This is a giant glob of adhesive and should NEVER happen. 



Before the removal.

Full Set I Applied


Due to the lash damage there was a limited number of lashes strong enough to hold extensions.  I lashed what I could and we planned that when the rest of her lashes grew she would come in for a fill.

Fill I Applied


Around 2 weeks later this is the fill.  She still has lashes in the new growth phase, but they are growing and  are much healthier.  My number one priority is maintaining healthy natural lashes for my clients!

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Meet the Lash Artist

Bethany N.


Bethany has traveled to NYC to be trained in Russian Volume Lashes and also to Las Vegas to be trained in NovaLash American Volume lashes.  She was originally trained in classic lashes and switched to the volume method.  With a couple of years of experience, she is commited to quality lashes, good retention, and ensuring your natural lashes are healthy and grow with the extenstions.  Bethany is also a licensed massage therapist and advanced esthetician.

Nova Lash Certified


American Volume Nova Lash 

Russian Volume Certified


 Russian Volume Certification NYC 

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